International Sister Organizations
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International Sister Organization

By building alliances with international sister organizations, GMIS is providing its members with the opportunity to share with a wider array of government agencies and learn about their approaches to information technology management.

Among the many benefits are:

  • Broadening the effects of local & state information technology in the process of globalization
  • Learning about money-saving techniques and methods by municipalities working in different countries
  • Technology transfer -- exposure to different technology systems
  • Potential for internships providing for mutual benefits of the host and the intern
  • Unified assessment of issues affecting all organizations’ members
  • Development of templates for technology and innovation deployment
  • Noting accomplishments and sharing the results
  • Development of objective performance measurement processes, policies and standards
  • Participation in sister organization workshops and educational conferences
  • Promoting cultural exchanges to expose members to the impacts of technology around the world

Municipal Information Systems Association of Canada




MAV Technology (formerly the LGICT Group) was established by the Municipal Association of Victoria in 2004. It is an independently funded group of local government IT managers and officers, who are committed to demonstrating leadership in ICT to support effective delivery of council and community services.


LOLA, the Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies, is the coordinating group for the international affiliations.

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